The Bridge Church
Ask that God would illuminate the Scriptures & speak truth to your hearts. Pray that God would raise us up as leaders, no matter where we are in life, & that we would faithfully follow him as we lead others through service.
Read Mark 9:33-50
Who has been a spiritual leader in your life that you admire? Why do you admire their leadership?  
Our world needs leaders who can:
Lead from the back – Define “servant.” Compare the response of a servant and a non-servant when receiving instructions. Last week we defined authority, this week, let’s define submission. What is it? What is it Not? What lessons can be learned from submitting to someone’s authority? What is the relationship between learning to submit and learning to be a good leader? What is possible and/or impossible when you’re serving someone else?
Lead from the middle of the pack – What’s the effect of comparing yourself to someone else? What does the Bible say about the gifts God gives to each of us? (1 Cor 12:11 is a good place to start.)  What’s possible when you are an active participant in something that’s much bigger than yourself? Think about our own community; where else is God doing amazing things in our community? How have you participated in what God is doing in our county? Compare being a consumer to being a contributor. (You might have to define these first.)  
Lead from the front
– Compare what’s possible/impossible when we tell others to repent versus when we model living a repentant life. What’s one practical way to model repentance and personal growth within the context of our life group? (Does it have to be weird/awkward? Is it ok if it is?) Read 1 Timothy 4:6-16. What do you notice?
At the end of your time, give everyone a chance to share their answers to these questions:

What does this Scripture tell us about God? 
What does it tell us about people and what our response to God should be?
Is there anything I misunderstood before or believed that was wrong and needs correcting?  (Is there a point I'm missing?)
Does this Scripture reveal any disobedience in me that I need to repent of? (What correction is God bringing? How is He changing my mind?)