The Bridge Church

Baptisms are a celebration at the Bridge!  

When you are baptized you are saying you have surrendered your life to the person of Jesus, the work of the Holy Spirit and you want to be identified as a follower of Jesus.  

If this sounds like you and you are interested in more information- please fill out the form below!  It doesn't matter if you are brand new to church or have been a believer in Jesus for years, we are excited to talk to you about this tradition.

After you fill out the form below, we will contact you and set up a time to talk with Pastor JJ.  You guys will have an opportunity to talk about the questions asked below, and it's not required to fill them out in advance.  

We hold Baptisms a few times a year - sometimes at our church facility and sometimes outdoors.  Our baptism is by full immersion.  Check out the video below to see a recent Baptism Sunday celebration at the Bridge!

Baptism Signup Form