The Bridge Church

How it all started...

In 2014, Pastor Brian Kelly and his family were led to start a church in Bellingham, Washington.  They began meeting in living rooms, singing songs to Jesus and teaching through the Bible.  

In less than a month, the gatherings were too large for living rooms!  God opened a door for the Bridge to meet in Lairmont Manor, an event venue in south Bellingham. 

Outgrowing a Space... on Repeat

More people kept coming and we needed a space!  In February 2015, God opened a door to a place we could call our own on Cornwall Street in downtown Bellingham.  Here the Bridge was able to grow and reach out to the community in many ways including taking photos during the Downtown Trick or Treat.

After again we reached the space's capacity, we moved the services across the street at the Leopold Crystal Ballroom, while the Bridge Kids continued to meet in our building.  

Less than two years later- things got crowded... again.  Our services moved to Shuksan Middle School in the Birchwood neighborhood, meeting in the cafeteria while the Bridge Kids could learn and play in the gym.

Pastor Brian Kelly and his family were called to New Zealand in 2018 and Assistant pastor Pastor JJ Johnson moved into the position of head pastor in September 2018.

When the lease ended in the downtown location, we rented an office space and nicknamed it the "Bridge HQ" in 2019.  This ended up being vital to continuing through the 2020 coronavirus pandemic which stopped in-person meetings and gatherings at the middle school.  Pastor JJ and the team adapted and worked quickly to continue bringing community and the message of Jesus through Facebook livestreams.   

Coming Bridge-Home

After over a year of online streaming, God opened doors to a building back in downtown Bellingham, where we are excited to serve and bring hope to our community.  We've added "Community Church" to our name because it explains who we are- a church community dedicated to gathering, growing and giving together.  Pastor JJ and the team are looking forward to making an impact for Jesus in Downtown Bellingham.

We love to share God's faithfulness to the Bridge and we would love you to be a part of the next chapter!  

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather together at 10am