The Bridge Church

We seek to be faithful to the purpose of God in our generation.

In the book of Acts, King David is described as having "served God's purpose in his own generation."  Through prayer and study of the Bible, God revealed a concise, simple purpose for the Bridge Community Church.  We seek to gather, grow and give.


We help people find Jesus.  We bring together people who know Jesus, people who don't, people who have questions and doubts, people who need hope and peace, people who want meet together and see the value of living in community.  We want to present Jesus in a way that can be understood by anyone.  Our purpose is to bring everyone together into the love of God.


We focus on growing in our understanding of Jesus' love and His plan for our lives.  God's word is the source of our learning and we want to apply His truth to our daily lives.  We seek to grow in relationship with Jesus and provide opportunities for our kids and youth to do the same.  As we turn to the Word and learn about Jesus, we also grow in community and authentic relationships with each other.


We know a generous God and in response, we are generous.  We are generous with our time and our talents in our church community and in our city and the world.  A personal response to gathering and growing in Jesus is the desire to live out and invest in Him, our families, our church and the world around us. 

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